National Day Sofa Menu (for 2 persons)

National Day Sofa Menu (for 2 persons)

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To pay tribute to our nation’s 56th birthday, Tablescape is bringing back its sofa Menu this August. Available at S$56 nett, the menu is specifically designed to be easy to eat and decadent; perfect for a couch-side gathering with loved ones while watching the National Day Parade on television.

The set includes:

  1. Mentaiko Sliders - the chicken patty  is seared to perfection and wrapped in a fine egg crepe, then topped with cheese, torched mentaiko and ebiko before being enclosed in a fluffy mini burger bun to form the sliders.

  2. Mini Baguette with Ham and Hae Bee Hiam Mayo – a toasted baguette sandwich with sliced Pistachio Mortadella, topped with Hae Bee Hiam Mayo, Ebi and Salmon Roe. The Mayo is mildly spiced with Siracha Chili and filled with umami from the dried shrimp.

  3. Chicken Satay Pot Pie - the signature sweet, salty, and charred flavours of tender chicken satay are encapsulated into the comforting charm of a pot pie. 

  4. Foie Gras Terrine - seated on a housemade fluffy pan brioche with pear compote. 

  5. Chilli Crab Tartlet – with the spicy and sweet taste of Chili Crab sauce made from scratch in-house and Blue Crab paired with avruga caviar, biting into this treat is a gastronomical experience.

  6. Tapioca Chips and Nuts

  7. Dessert - A selection of Red Velvet Cheesecake, Chocolate Hazelnut Mousseline, Pralines, Éclairons and Berries

More information:

  • Each set is good for 2 persons.
  • Available from 1 to 30 August 2021 and on advanced orders, up to 24hrs only.
  • 10% self-collection discount will not apply to this promotional set menu. 
  • If you have opted for delivery, each transaction is applicable for delivery to 1 mailing address on the same day only.